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Welcome to The Ojas Centre!

'Ojas' in Sanskrit means 'vitality, strength & health.' The Ojas Centre is a home for Movement for Health & Wellbeing and Dance Theatre, World Cultures & Social Justice. We aim at delivering therapeutic movement programmes  to support individuals with their respective recovery as well as creating meaningful artistic & cultural projects with Mindful Humans.

May you feel peaceful, joyful and safe...


Lecturer for Young Refugees

Movement for Mental Health, Health & Fitness and & Performing  Arts

Founder of The Ojas Centre

Inhale Compassion, Exhale Kindness

Couple Meditating

"The greatest wealth is health"


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"Your Yoga,
is a Yoga for the soul..."

Yogi from Canada visiting the Croydon Buddhist Centre

Leaf Pattern Design

Community Dance Project

Afro Dance Fusion Season 2: Freedom of Movement

This Dance project is all about empowering the strengths of Mothers, Women and Girls with a particular focus on Afghan women as well as all the Mothers, Women and Girls in the world facing social inequalities and the inability to exercise and/ or go to a dance class; hence this project has become, 'The Freedom of Movement' Project. This project has connected the Dance Participants around a meaningful cause which we studied and tried the various cultures and we found how interesting how customs change from one generation to another which was beautifully portrayed at the Soheila Sokhanvari Exhibition, all Iranian female Artist from the 1960s, each story was captivating and it brought to our Dance Participants how they could embody 'Freedom of Movement' with a prop that could be symbolic of culture, tradition, heritage which women could also use it to express creativity as well as freedom. The Afro Dance Fusion project is structured for 8 weeks; at the beginning of each section, there is a 30mn Dance Fitness Warm Up and then followed by Dance technique on movements associated with the theme of the main Dance routine/ choreography. So during the 8 weeks, the Dance Participants become familiar with the 30mn Dance Fitness Warm up and Dance exercises as well as learning Dance development routines and the group's Repertoire as we also perform our routines to events organised by CVA. The Afro Dance Fusion: Season 2 was another incredible Dance journey, especially on the amazing and vibrant song, 'Jama Narenji' by Eleha Soroor and Kefaya!! Dance Participants in this video: Beverley, Glyn, Janet, Patricia, Shipra, Yolenn & Zahida.

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West African, Brazilian, Oriental & Jazz influences


Hatha Yoga for your Health & Wellbeing


Strength exercises for all levels


Movement as Medicine for Mental Health

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Foggy Lake


Location: Croydon

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